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If you can't find your problem, please submit your ticket

I can't connect to Twitter or have a strange problem

  • You need to clear the cache and log out.
  • Go to Setting
    • Clean Cache
    • Sign out
    • Reconnenting

I can't deposit or sup and received

the message which is" Please see if there is enough SOL trade, or through Discord to contect us"

first thing you can do, confirm you have any SOL on devnet. Open your Solana SPL Token Wallet than choose " devnet " in the upper right corner. Finally, click claim on the bottom.

If you still can't use it, try to use Chrome.

I don't have CPX

You can apply some CPX after you connect your wallet & Twitter. Go here to see more details :

Where can I find a donation wallet address? To become a sponsor?

  • Go here to see more details: Sponsor

What does airdrop ticket mean?

If you finish the tasks that we release, you will win an airdrop ticket ! You can accumulate your tickets in every events.

Check on there Tickets Rule

Of course, the more events you participate in, the more tickets you can get.

That means you have more oppotunities to get the airdrop! Or, Become our sponsor is another way to win airdrops Sponsor

Can't find the problem?

If you search the entire document and still don’t know what happened, please contact us :)