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About Circlepod


In short, Next generation media protocol #solana, #nfts, #metaverse ecosystem, special media protocol guide players to experience the new world.

🚀 Encourage and accelerate changes in the global digital creation!
👍 Let every intentional creation get its value!

Hi, Welcome to Circlepod community, we are glad you are here. Allow us to briefly describe the opportunity and history of Circlepod. We hope you have a deeper understanding of Circlepod.

Our team comes from a group of believers who are passionate about technology and design. We have a lot of experience in helping customers. We have designed systems with tens of millions of traffic, and we have also developed new applications that need to war against time. We are very sure to assist customers in building even internal applications or newly upgraded applications. The content includes UI/UX design, front-end and back-end system architecture design, blockchain system, or DevOps process and other modern applications.

With experience in these modern system architectures, we really want to design our own products and at the same time build our own community. Exactly, to evolve a product and drive the overall application through the power of the community.

Therefore, Circlepod was born in the Solana hackathon in June 2021. We see the potential of Solana as the foundation of the underlying application. Lower transaction fees and higher TPS make us more willing to adopt it.

Circlepod is a global application, the goal is to build a media metaverse ecology, through our unique media agreement to lead players into a new experience. Allow Podcaster to interact directly with the audience and get paid directly. We encourage and accelerate the change and development of the global digital creation, so that every piece of creation can get its due value. Create more interactivity and entertainment. Connect fans and value through blockchain, and create a good copyright and subscription ecosystem through data and AI.

We started with Podcasts because we believe that sound is the easiest way to create an immersive experience. Through our many years of design experience in UI/UX design, more players who are not experienced in the currency circle can go deep into it. We hope to create a creative ecosystem in our applications, and show the value of creation through the blockchain.

Finally, add our originals to complete the closed loop of the entire media metaverse agreement. People can experience different life experiences and feel the excitement of new things. Our NFT can have a variety of interactions and functions in the App, and even some gamified experiences are possible. NFT has been given more possibilities in Circlepod, not just an "image".

Circlepod has its own IP characters and stories, such as Lanny, Teddy and Massee that have been released. Each character will have its own background and basic attributes, and these characters also have their own life stories.

When you join Circlepod and establish your own identity, you can choose to interpret the character story with a certain character, and your behavior in Circlepod will affect the future of that character. To give a practical example: when you choose to join Circlepod as Teddy, Teddy has the characteristic of being sociable. If you are listening to the Podcast, and actively interact with Podcaster or other Circlepod community friends, such as comment, like, share, etc. Then, your Teddy will tend to be socially superior; or you have chosen the role of a warm brother who is good at cooking like Massee, and you also love podcasts of the fortune-telling, then you will become a fortune cookie maker people.

Regarding the relationship between NFT and Metaverse, it can be noted that each of our NFTs has a story. For example: some Halloween NFTs were sold a while ago. When you own this NFT, your character (whether Lanny, Teddy or Massee) will trigger the Halloween story and experience the entire story from the perspective of that character. If you follow the original storyline, then you will unlock related achievements. And if you don't want to follow the original story, it may also trigger other events or achievements.

The Halloween story is here:

For example: Lanny met a child who wanted to eat biscuits after the promotion activity ended. At this time, Lanny can decide whether or not to give the child biscuits. If you give your child biscuits, you will receive the "Heartwarming Magician" badge. If you don't give your child biscuits, you will receive the "Sad Child" badge.

In June 2021, our project started.

In August 2021, we hosted an official Beta application, with more than 10,000 people participating, and we ushered in the first community growth. We are ecstatic, and more agree with the application and direction we want to do.

In October 2021, we opened the task of collecting tickets. More than 50,000 people participated in the use of our App. The experience of high-traffic design also confirmed our strength this time. Among them, it also won the fourth place of SOLANA IGNITION HACKATHON@Asia.

So far, we have the following product lines:

  • Circlepod Protocol: Starting from Podcast, creating a top-level media protocol.
  • Circlepod Universe: Original content universe, independent IP and image surround the entire ecosystem.
  • Circlepod NFTs: Original NFTs, NFTs can participate in many application functions, and allow circulation and transactions.
  • Circlepod Wallet: To make blockchain beginners easy to use, we will design wallets and tools that are more in line with user experience and intuition to integrate the Circlepod ecosystem.